With a Flame Runner, do you turn, Drift, and turn the other way immediately to not turn so much?

  • With a Flame Runner, Mach Bike, and Bullet Bike, I found that they all turn too much, so they almost always run to the side of the road before the mini-turbo can come out.

    Somebody suggested initiating the turn early, is that the way to do it? Because earlier means turning too much early.

    A way I found that might work is to 1) Turn 2) press Drift 3) Turn THE OTHER WAY IMMEDIATELY. So the turning will be minimized. (bigger turning radius)

    Is this how it is done or any other way?

  • QA Engineer

    Due to the fact that turning against the drift makes it take longer to get the mini-boost, I tend to drive these karts and bikes exactly like the N64 version of Mario Kart, where you had to move the stick from side to side to get the boost.

    1. Initiate turn and drift.
    2. Steer against the drift.
    3. Briefly steer back into the drift to get the boost.
    4. Repeat 2 and 3, if necessary, depending on how tightly you need to turn and how quickly you want the boost.

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