Civ 5 Diplomatic Victory possible with defeated civs?

  • I currently have a Civ 5 game where I was aiming for a diplomatic victory. 'Unfortunately' throughout the game some civilisations may have fallen at my hand, city states too, with the end result of one competing civ and 3 allied city states. What this means is there is only a possible 6 votes for me. Is it possible to still win somehow?

    Even if it was possible to make the remaining civ vote for me I would not win. I heard if you attacked a city which was taken from another civ, you can give it back to them and bring them back into the game. Unfortunately it looks like I can't do this with any of the cities.

    Victory screen says: Votes for you: 5 Total Available Diplomatic Votes: 6 Votes Needed for Diplomatic Victory: 9

    Is there any way I can still win this game with a Diplomatic Victory?

  • If the one remaining civ has 3 city-states that they have conquered, you can liberate them to get your 3 votes. Otherwise you can't get a Diplomatic victory after you undiplomatically crushed all those city-states. 😃

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