Characters with good synergy in ME3 Multiplayer

  • Yesterday I happened to play with my N7 Fury and one of my teammates had his Drell Adept, with both characters at, or close to L20. I have to say that the game had never been this fun! 🙂

    Those two characters are amazing together, benefiting from a fantastic synergy. Both fast and agile, packed with biotic powers triggering not only their own also each others biotic explosions. We practically destroyed collectors, as a team, and the two adepts were more often than not the saviors of the team. Even praetorians, or packs of possessed scions were relatively easy to sick given some wiggle room on the field.

    Now I wonder what other characters have such good synergy. Which team compositions are as deadly, considering there are not only biotic explosion but also tech bursts, fire explosions etc etc.

  • Reave and Warp make an awesome biotic combination. Both detonate each other and casting animation is fast.

    Pick one character with Reave & one with Warp and you'll be detonating each others powers every 2-3 seconds.

    That being said, the maximum biotic explosion damage comes from Warp+Throw & Warp+Shockwave combinations (sources below). Throw is arguably the best detonator power as it has a very fast recharge and detonates on all types of (what's the word for this? protection?) i.e. health/shield/barrier/armor.

    So if the team has more than 2 players, equip one person with Throw and others with Warp/Reave/Dark Channel. Now the person with Throw has only one thing to do - spam the key that throws Throw, detonating every enemy in front of the team. (This is team-work, the team will need to stick together).

    If there are only two biotics in the team, I'd suggest to go with Warp+Reave combination which is more reliable as Throw can only detonate and not initiate a biotic explosion.

    Maximising biotic damage

    Biotic explosion damage depends only on the ranks of the power and on nothing else not even from power damage bonuses (through some powers can be modified for extra combo damage, see source below). So ensure that the powers that you are using for biotic explosion are on Rank 6.

    PS: Equip yourself with Acolyte, for the only place where biotics fall a little short - shields.


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