Do any Pokémon lose the ability to learn a HM when they evolve?

  • Some Pokémon lose the ability to learn certain moves when they evolve. For example:

    • Pichu learns Nasty Plot at level 18, but Pikachu can't learn or re-learn it
    • Pichu can be taught Uproar by the Move Tutor, but Pikachu can't

    In fourth or fifth generation of Pokémon games (Diamond/Pearl onward), are there any Pokémon who can learn a HM, but lose the ability to learn that HM when they evolve?

  • QA Engineer

    Looking through the Bulbapedia learnset entries for each HM move, I have found no instances within each HM set where a Pokemon learn it, but its evolution can not;

    1. Cut (HM01)
    2. Fly (HM02)*
    3. Surf (HM03)*
    4. Strength (HM04)
    5. Flash (HM05 Gen 1-3)
      • Venonat/Venomoth can to learn Flash in Yellow, but not in R/B. Venonat loses the ability to learn flash in Gen 2
      • Hoothoot/Noctowl lose the ability to learn Flash in Gen 4, although it's no longer an HM.
    6. Defog (HM05 D/P/Pt)
    7. Whirlpool (HM05 Hg/Ss - HM06 Gen 2)
    8. Waterfall (HM05 Gen 5 - HM07 Gen 2-4)
    9. Rock Smash (HM06 Gen 3-4)
    10. Dive (HM06 Gen 5 - HM08 Gen 3)
    11. Rock Climb (HM08 Gen 4)

    There are a few fringe cases that pop up in earlier generations (Mostly between Red Blue and Yellow) where a Pokemon might learn the HM in one game and then be traded to another where its evolution cannot. There may also be unmentioned cases of this between Gens 1 and 2, however the Time Capsule was fairly restrictive in what could be sent back.

    *Pikachu is an interesting side case - As there are event and side-game transfers that can give you a Pikachu with Fly, or even Surf (there's also a surfing Pichu). However in none of these instances can Pikachu be taught the moves from an HM.

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