Civilization V on OSX is very very slow

  • I'm trying to play Civilization V on OSX. I have an i7 2.8 GHz and 8 GB of memory but it is very slow.

    My mate told me that this is because the game was written in Logo running on a Sinclair ZX80 emulator.

    Are there any settings I can change to speed it up?

  • As a fellow Apple user I can tel that Aspyr (company who ports some game on Mac and ported Civ V) don't do awesome job.

    What you can do;

    • Turn on your Activity Monitor check and close programs who use a lot of RAM (Google Chrome and Mail are first to go)
    • Use purge command to find out more free RAM before opening game or download something that do that for you for example FreeMemory
    • Use this FreeMemory or else app
    • Want to be sure that game performance will be the best? Turn on game without any active app in your dock
    • Still don't happy with your ram? Turn on and off your Mac again.
    • Change and lock your Energy Saver settings in your preference panel to "better graphics" (disable automatic changes)
    • After turning on game. Go to settings first and change resolution on one grade lower 16:10 resolution (for example I have 1680:1050 and mostly I play 1440:900)
    • Good graphics? Who need them! Set all as low or disable.
    • Turn on game! Yay. It will should work great.
    • Now change one or two graphic settings on better. Go back to game...
    • Still it is working great? Try again!

    Hope that this will help you find your optimal game performance.

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