Which Wrath of the Lich King dungeon will provide the highest rep/hour?

  • I'm farming out my LK reps (going for Beloved title, 36/70!) and I have 4 reps in LK, 3 of which must be farmed by doing dungeons.(Explorer's League, Frostborn, and Silver Covenant.)

    Very soon (my guild only needs a leatherworker) I'll have access to the banner which will double my rep gains. Now this has a 10 minute CD, so I'd like to maximize that if possible.

    Which dungeon will allow me to farm repeatedly and gain reputation with the tabards with the highest reputation velocity? If two of them are rather close in their xp gain, but one is linear and the other circles around, then clearly the latter would be better because I would be in range of the banner more often.

    And no, this isn't on my level 1 this time. ūüôā

  • This article lists some rep gains from Heroic dungeons (I'm unable to confirm these values). Notice that Heroic dungeons award 3 to 4 times the reputation compared to level 80 Normal versions.

    The possible dungeons (grouped by location) are :

    H Utgarde Keep
    N/H Utgarde Pinnacle
    H The Nexus
    N/H The Oculus
    H Halls of Stone
    N/H Halls of Lightning
    H Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
    H Azjol-Nerub
    H Dark'Tharon Keep  (remote location)
    H Gundrak   (remote location)
    H The Violet Hold   (can't speed it up)
    N/H Caverns of Time: Culling of Stratholme  (stop talking Arthas)
    N/H Trial of the Champion
    N/H Forge of Souls
    N/H Pit of Saron
    N/H Halls of Reflection

    You said "repeatable", and that narrows things down considerably. Heroic dungeons are not repeatable if you kill a boss. Normal (80) dungeons award much less reputation compared to Heroics.

    I recommend the Pit of Saron. Here are the stats I've gathered (non-human with 5% rep bonus from guild reward):

    Normal Pit of Saron, clear area before bosses: 376 rep (repeatable)
    Normal Pit of Saron, full clear: 806 rep (repeatable)
    Heroic Pit of Saron, clear area before bosses: 1081 rep (repeatable)
    Heroic Pit of Saron, full clear: 2821 rep (once per day)

    So, the basic idea is that you run it on Heroic, clear the area before the bosses, leave, reset, repeat. If you clear so fast that the reset isn't available, you can knock over Heroic Forge of Souls OR Heroic Halls of Reflection while you wait.

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