Survivors in Dishonored

  • Is there any reason not to put Survivors asleep in Dishonored? Any sort of reward or motivation? Also, do they count against you for the Ghost trophy and/or having someone alerted to your presence?


  • It depends if a detection meter is shown above a Survivor's head upon them detecting your presence.

    If you get a Survivor's detection meter up until it turns red, that will count as them detecting your presence, and will cause you not to get the 'Ghost' achievement. This may be a "motivation" to put Survivors asleep. This is the same for other NPCs, not just Survivors.

    If a Survivor or any NPC is friendly to you or does not mind your presence, a detection meter won't appear and that will not count as 'detected'.

    I noticed that on a high chaos playthrough, Survivors will have a detection meter and might alert hostile, armed NPCs. While on a low chaos playthrough, they won't mind your presence (no detection meter).

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