Does the Mind Shield improve a psionic's ability to attack with their Psi attacks?

  • Last night I was moving in to the later stages of the game and recently gained access to Psi armour and the Mind Shield.

    If I recall, the description for the Mind Shield implies it is a defensive gadget, but I notice that (like the Psi armour) it provides a bonus to the Will of the wearer.

    Does this bonus to Will mean it improves the 'attack' strength of a Psionic who happens to be using one? Or are Psionics' attacks uneffected by their Will score?

  • As of version (the so-called update 3) Mind Shield increases Will the same way as Psi armor does: both for psi-attacks and for psi-defense.

    This is noted in "Mind shield" article on wikia.

    Yesterday I played this game on Classic difficulty. My squad of all psionic warriors has an encounter with Chryssalid monsters. I checked chances to Mind Control one of them (it was unharmed). Here is what I got

                        Soldier 1   Soldier 2
    Base Will:          95          100
    Psi Armor:          Equipped    Equipped
    Mind Shield:        Equipped    Not equipped
    Chance to Mind
    Control Chryssalid: 85%         60%

    This clearly shows that Mind Shield is used to calculate chances for both psi-offense and psi-defense.

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