Unexplained frame rate decay

  • Something similar is happening to me. When I open the game (or any game on my PC) it will go to a high FPS (like 60+) but then i can watch the frame rate tick down slowly until it hovers around 10-13 FPS. It does this to EVERY game. but it isn't that my computer can't handle it (Borderlands 2 suggests all settings on high). It also makes no difference what the video settings are for Borderlands 2.

    One more thing, when I alt-tab out and then back in the frame rate goes up to 25-30 and then starts to fall back to crap. This is driving me MAD! Can anyone please help me?


    • Total amount of system memory 12.0 GB RAM
    • System type 64-bit operating system
    • Number of processor cores 4


    • Total size of hard disk(s) 3391 GB
    • Disk partition (C:) 81 GB Free (581 GB Total)
    • Disk partition (D:) 8 GB Free (15 GB Total)
    • Media drive (E:) CD/DVD
    • Disk partition (Y:) 131 GB Free (2794 GB Total)


    • Display adapter type AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series
    • Total available graphics memory 6907 MB
      • Dedicated graphics memory 1024 MB
      • Dedicated system memory 0 MB
      • Shared system memory 5883 MB
    • Display adapter driver version 8.930.0.0
    • Primary monitor resolution 1920x1200
    • DirectX version DirectX 10

  • Your video card, and probably the rest of you computer, is likely overheating. Have you tried cleaning it out (dust cleaners/blowers)?

    When you Alt+Tab out, your video card essentially gets a quick relief from processing your games, and cools down a little bit.

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