Selenium picture Captha validation

  • We upgraded captcha in our application to use images instead of letters
    In the previous version I could fill the captcha field with a specific token to pass my the validation. Since now there is no such field i need to find an other way to pass the same value for validation. Is there a way to do that using selenium webdriver ?

    I am updating the description

    My tests run on a test enviroment not the actual production site , I already have a String to pass the capcha test. Basicly what i need to do is set the parameter thats been posted to the server for captcha validation

  • In your test environment, you need your developers to enable some way of bypassing the captcha. You need to make sure that is only available in your test environment. There are a lot of ways of doing it, commonly it is you typing in a specific string that is recognized by the system to bypass it.

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