Selenium/Webdriver with team member that don't have programing skills

  • We are planning on integrating/developping automation solution with Webdriver 2.0 for our web application. We currently have 2 members in the team that can write code, and understand enough Java to work with Webdriver. But we also have 4 members that never wrote a single line of code. Did you ever see such scenario? What kind of task a non-programer could do in such environnement? Thanks!

  • I'm going to completely agree with Dmitry, however, I'd like to add to it. This is a perfect example of when you could begin teaching your other testers to code. I've seen this work very well with working sessions and paired programming. I've done this previously with a department where we got together every week or 2 for an hour and went over writing some test automation. About half the time was spent coding, and the other half answering questions. The goal was never to make them write test automation full time, but give them enough knowledge to help out, write some of their own scripts, and give them enough knowledge to know what types of questions they needed to ask. We would also typically give them "homework". We'd ask them to work on producing something very small and basic during any slower times they had by the time that we did the next session. Our management at the time was very open to giving people some time to do this to grow themselves. Even those who went on to never write another line of code ended up being able to communicate with our developers that much better.

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