Jmeter thread group not running all assigned users

  • I am running a recorded test plan. I have assigned 25 users in the Thread Group, with a Ramp-up Period of 25 and Loop Count of 1.

    This is what happens:

    1. Start the test.
    2. While the test is running, in the upper right-hand corner the user number gets incremented to 9/25. At some level, the number remains constant 9/25 and then shows 8/25. After some time, the number automatically gets decremented by 1, 7/25....0/25.
    3. In Database, I see the login entries for only 9 users.

    Why does my test plan not run for the 25 users?

  • You have set total threads to be 25 with ramp-up period of 25 seconds. Which means that 1 user is created at every second.


    at 1st second.. # of users is =1
    at 2nd second.. # of users is =1+1=2
    at 3rd second.. # of users is =1+1+1=3
    at 9th second..  # of users is =9

    at 10th second.. a new user is created but one of already created user also completes it test .. therefore it closes.. so the # of total users remain 9..

    this trend goes on as some users are closing at one hand, while new users are being created on other hand.

    If you want to put concurrent load of 25 users then you can achieve it in number of ways...

    1. set the ramp-up period to 1 second (not a best approach for large tests)
    2. use the synchronizing timer
    3. use constant throughput timer
    4. increase the number of users

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