How do I connect an issue on JIRA to a test case on Testlink?

  • I have successfully integrated between JIRA and Testlink.

    I haven't found yet how to connect from one issue on JIRA to its test case on Testlink. How can I connect JIRA issues with Testlink test cases?

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    give steps on how to configure JIRA on your Teslink.
    Before you start, ensure you have Testlink 1.9.5 or above and JIRA 5.2 or above.

    Test Link Screens involved:

    enter image description here enter image description here

    The steps in the second link are:

    1. Install and configure Testlink as per the documentation.
    2. Create the project in the Testlink with relevant data.
    3. After the creation of the project, then select the project, go to Issue Tracker Management Under Test Project.
    4. Then create connector to the Bug tracking system. In our case it is Jira.
    5. On the Issue tracker , give a suitable name.
    6. For type, select Jira (Interface: soap) as we are going to interact with Jira through its SOAP interface.
    7. On the configuration page you need configure the XML as below:
    admin user name 
    admin user password
    http://jira url 
    http://jira url/rpc/soap/jirasoapservice-v2?wsdl
    http://jira url /browse/
    http://jira url/secure/CreateIssue!default.jspa

    Here user account need to be the admin user account you use with jira. Only admin accounts are able to interact with SOAP interface.I didn’t get success with other accounts. You can get a sample XML file by clicking ‘show configuration example’.

    1. Save this configuration.
    2. You can test the Jira integration by going to the test execution and select a test case. That will give the Bug Management Option and through that you can add the relevant Jira Bug ID and access the Jira Bugs directly from the Testlink window.

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