How do I use JBehave to test a command line installer outcome?

  • I have a task and I don't know how to solve it.

    We have a Python command line installer, and I should write a functional automated test in JBehave for it.

    Does anybody have any idea how to approach this task?

  • Although you give limited info about what outcome you need to test and what is holding you back, I still think I can give some pointers.

    JBehave is a Java based BDD framework. Use Runtime.getRuntime().exec() to start executables from the command line with Java. See for example usage.

    To interact with the command line application you can use Expect. Also have a look at the Java version of Expect which might integrate nicely in the JBehave tests.

    Example BDD test scenario:

    Scenario: Install application

    Given I have our application installer

    Copy the installer files some where local. Install Python and other dependencies

    When I run the installer

    Start the installer (Expect) script with exec()

    And answer all the questions it asks

    Use Expect to progress the installer

    Then it is installed on the local computer

    Verify it is installed and the exit code from the installer is correct

    And I can start the installed application

    Start the application with Expect (if its command line) or start a GUI test of some kind to verify it starts.

    More test scenarios:

    • Different configuration options
    • Readonly install directories
    • All possible exit codes
    • Corrupt installer

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