Force selenium to use the portable firefox application

  • I have installed firefox 14 and has firefox portable version 25.0.1 on the machine, where I run tests for a web site. Due to a limitation in the site I'm testing, I cannot run my tests on firefox 14 installation. Also I cannot upgrade the firefox 14 installation. So I'm looking into a solution where I can use this portable firefox version instead of the installed firefox 14 version. How should I force selenium to use this portable version and not the installed version?If someone could direct me to some descriptive article/blog that would be great. PS: python is the used language

  • When you instantiate Selenium set the full path to the Firefox install you want to use instead of just using "firefox" which will use the defaul path. def setUp(self): self.selenium = selenium("localhost", 4444, "*firefox C:\Program Files\Mozilla self.selenium.start()

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