How to test the field with different languages?

  • I have a few pages where we allow the people to enter other language characters like german, dutch, spanish etc....

    I want to test the field by using words of different languages to make sure all the characters are saved in its own format. I used the german word (Geschäftsreise). After saving, the letter (ä) is displaying as �

    How to test these fields?

    Thanks in advance

  • You're already doing it! The core principle here, which you're already following, is:

    1. Prepare some data
    2. Enter it into the input field
    3. Check whether it is displayed correctly in the output.

    To make your testing more sophisticated and thorough, consider the possible variations at each stage:

    1. Data:

    • Basic numbers and letters
    • Basic punctuation
    • Non-ascii letters e.g. the ä used in German.
    • Non-ascii punctuation e.g. the em-dash — , the en-dash – , the ellipsis …
    • Types of whitespace: Spaces, non-breaking spaces, tabs, line-breaks
    • Short data, long data

    2. Data entry:

    • Typing the text directly into the input field
    • Pasting in the text.
    • Pasting from a plain-text source e.g. notepad
    • Pasting from rich-text sources e.g. Word

    3. Output:

    • The input field, after saving the data
    • A plain-text display of the data
    • A report including the data
    • A feed to another application

    There are lots of subtle ways that programs can fail to preserve or convert the input data, so this approach is often a productive source of bugs.

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