Selenium Webdriver Mobile with Python - AndroidWebdriver4Python installation question

  • I found this Android webdriver API on github.

    I already have the Selenium Python client and have written many plain web-based test scripts with it. I have tried asking the git owner, but he has not responded.

    Here are the instructions:

    1. download AndroidWebDriver4Python using command:

      $ git clone git://

    2. Download and extract Selenium Python client

    3. Copy the entire py folder under AndroidWebDriver4Python to merge the same one in root directory of AndroidDriver for Python

    4. Back to the root directory of Selenium Python Client, to install this modified version using command:

      $ python install

    What does number 3 mean? It sounds like he's saying to copy the py folder into itself. Shouldn't it go into the Lib folder of your Python27 folder?

    Also, I don't understand step 4. Won't this reinstall your Selenium Python client?

  • QA Engineer

    I am the author.

    Actually this is a patch-like binding. You should know what I said in step 2. You need to download the source code of official Python bindings for Selenium and then copy my patch to the source files and install the patch source code, as mentioned in step 3 and 4.

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