Selenium IDE is automatically getting rid off

  • I am using selenium-ide-2.4.0 api in Mozilla Firefox 16, when i close and use Firefox 2 and again restart my Firefox 16 i need to re-install my api and use it, Why is it happening so?

  • I don't have a specific solution as I haven't needed to conduct compatibility testing on Firefox 2 for quite some time. However, I have a couple of suggestions based on the information you give which may help yo solve the issue. Try to use separate profiles with each version of Firefox, and have the "Profiles" folder located in two separate places for each browser version. Another thing to try would be to change the default location of where the Selenium add-on installs to (eg. change where all add-ons install to. Finally, check when the add-on is uninstalled. Close the FF16 browser and check if the add-on is still there If so, open FF2 and see if the add-on is still installed. If so, close FF2 and check, then open FF16 and check. By finding when the add-on is removed, you may be able to find the setting that is causing the removal.

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