Using JMeter to record program http requests

  • Is JMeter designed to only record web browser traffic, or can it record http requests made by installed programs as well?

    I set up JMeter as per these instructions and I do not see the web traffic of a particular application installed on my computer. I've set up the proxy settings in my system settings.

  • With Jmeter you can record both HTTP/HTTPS traffic, also there is Jmeter Chrome extension which can record traffic without configuring JMeter.

    To record web traffic in Jmeter:

    • add Recording Controller into Test Plan
    • add HTTP Proxy Server into WorkBench
    • click Start button.
    • open browser network settings
    • change proxy settings to localhost:8080
    • remove localhost and from "No proxy for" field.

    To record any application IO:

    • Set proxy (in Linux)

      export http_proxy=http://localhost:8080
    • Or set proxy localhost:8080 if it's possible to change proxy settings in application.

    • Start JMeter Proxy Server

    • Use your application

    Note! Do not use JMeter as the proxy for any other request types - FTP, etc. - as the JMeter proxy cannot handle them.

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