iPhone / Android Emulators for PC that works with apk / ipa files

  • We have an application coming up, which is a hybrid application developed using Phonegap. This will be available to us as APK and IPA packages. I have been trying Android ADT Emulator, it is painfully slow and not easy to setup for newbies. But yes, it works. My biggest problem is iPhone. We dont have a Mac around, and need to run emulator that runs on PC. Second problem is Andorid emulator, something which is faster would be better. Something that can directly accept APK files. Summary: Emulator for iPhone on PC that accepts .ipa files Faster/easier to setup emulator for Android that accepts .apk files.

  • The best choice for Android is GenyMotion. GenyMotion emulator runs really fast and supports all modern desktop OSes. To install APK file you just drag-and-drop it on emulator window.

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