Suitable Automated Testing tools for POS Systems

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    Automating tests in EPOS systems

    We are developing a Big POS System with several Desktop, Web and Distributed features. This system is designed to run in all of these environments in different forms. As I am the team lead of my team I would like to introduce some best tool for automated testing. I am still researching for good tools, but I couldn't find a solution. Basically I am a developer with less knowledge in testing 😞 . Maybe people from this site can be able help me since all are specialized in Software Quality assurance & Testing. Sorry I couldn't able to explain in a tester manner but I can explain what the key points are which we are thinking to achieve using the automated tool.


    • Check Touch optimization in Server Hardware feature (we can't use real tills since we are geographically distributed team from our mother company) I would like to reduce memory, Processor etc. and check the Performance (Tried some Virtual machines but it is not really reducing the processor speed).

    • Functionality testing based on retail and Hospitality (Recode Test cases and result etc.)

    • Databases consistency, Database speed for huge amount of requests. I would like to emulate number of users and test system in functionality and performance perspective.

    • Error providing mechanism (we are using custom Exception handling mechanism) but we would like to create more custom messages by creating more run time exceptions.
    • Test our code with most type of POS peripherals(Scanners, Receipt printers, Cash drawers, Line Display, text inserter, Caller ID, Credit card Machines, Access control systems etc.) emulate these type of devices virtually and test.
    • OS compatibilities (we are targeting windows based Embedded OSes) I like to install several OS like virtual machines and test the compatibilities issues. As I said above virtual machine is good for these kind of things but can't reduce hardware specs.

    Web and Distributed System

    • Test functionality as i mentioned above in Desktop environment.

    • Test Cross browser compatibilities

    • Test User request load

    • Test site loading in different Stress(Low bandwidth,Many user request,good UI controls etc)

    • Test Databases Consistency

    • Test Security attacks

    Sorry for big description since I am not familiar with Testing perspective terms. There must be easy definitions for these kind of Testing. Definitely single automating tool can't achieve these goals. I would like to introduce set of tools to my team. I hope professional people here can give a good solution and guide to me.

    • So can any one please suggest some best Automated tools (Single tool or Set of tools, whatever) to achieve above goals I have listed in bullet points?
    • If anyone suggests a tool please explain, what are the key points which I have listed above can be done by that tool?

  • IMHO, a team lead who is a developer with less knowledge in testing, is the wrong kind of person to be selecting a test tool.

    Do you have any QA Professionals on your team - perhaps someone with test tool experience? Or, lacking that do you have anyone on the team who will actually be tasked with using a test tool? I would suggest you turn to them.

    If neither of those options is viable, have you considered hiring a knowledgeable consultant to help with your tool choice and get you started on a testing process?

    Anyway, in case it will help, here are some things I look for in my test suite. It might spur some thoughts that will help you narrow your selections a bit- Check here.

    And here are some places you can get trial versions of test automation tools- check here.

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