Performance testing for serverless applications in AWS

  • In Traditional Performance Automation Testing: There is an application server where all the requests hits are received. So in this case; we have server configuration (CPU, RAM etc) with us to perform load testing (of lets say 5k concurrent users) using Jmeter or any load test tool and check server performance.

    In case of AWS Serverless; there is no server - so to speak - all servers are managed by AWS. So code only resides in lambdas and it is decided by AWS on run time to perform load balancing in case there are high volumes on servers.

    So now; we have a web app hosted on AWS using serverless framework and we want to measure performance of the same for 5K concurrent users. With no server backend information; only option here is to rely on the frontend or browser based response times - should this suffice? Is there a better way to check performance of serverless applications?

  • I didn't work with AWS, but in my opinion performance testing in case serverless applications should perform pretty the same way as in traditional way with own physical servers.

    Despite the name serverless, physical servers are still used (though are managed by aws).

    So I will approach to this task with next steps:

    • send backend metrics (response time, count requests and so on) to some metrics system (graphite, prometheus, etc)
    • build dashboard in this metric system (ideally you should see requests count and response time per every instance and count of instances)
    • take a load testing tool (jmeter, gatling or whatever) and start your load test scenario

    During the test and after the test you will see how many requests your app processing, it response times and how change count of instances depending of concurrent requests.

    So in such case you will agnostic from aws management tools (but probably aws have some management dashboard and afterwards it will good to compare their results).

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