Azure Devops regression test case historical results

  • We have a very large application with nearly 2K testcases for regression. Our process is multiple sprints of work towards a single release. So, we use a dedicated regression test plan.

    My question is how to manage regression runs? Right now, we clone the Master Regression suite or prior regression suite. This allows us to preserve the previous regression results. But this method creates new unique test cases, which doesn't keep associated bugs.

    If we reset all the tests in the current suite, I know the previous runs could be seen at the test case level. However, I can't figure out how to call up historical aggregate results, for a previous run.

    How should DevOps be used for managing repeat test runs?

  • Junior Test Automation

    How should DevOps be used for managing repeat test runs?

    To repeat test, we could to insert parameters in test steps:

    Create a parameter by typing a name preceded by "@" in the actions and expected results of test steps


    You could check this document Repeat a test with different data for some more details

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