Filtering Test Cases by Tester in Azure DevOps

  • My organization is new to using Azure DevOps, and as the project manager of a major software upgrade, I have been tasked with using DevOps to conduct our UAT. We have added test cases/Plans through a lot of trial and error, and are now completely lost on how to filter test cases by Tester. I have spent the better part of my day reading everything available online - and though we know that the email generation will give the tester a link to get to the test cases they have to run, our team leads need to be able to filter by a specific tester to see which test cases they have already been given. Example: TestSuite123 and TestSuite456 are assigned to me to manage. I've assigned John Doe and Jane Smith as testers to the 45 test cases within the suite. Now I want to make sure that I haven't given John more than Jane, so I need to see which cases I've specifically put John as the tester for - can I filter that? I've looked in Queries, work items, etc. and "Tester" is not a field I can filter on in any of them.

  • It’s easy to create a test case chart:

    Test case owners are tracked by the Assigned to field. Use a stacked bar chart or a pivot table chart. Choose Assigned to for rows and status for the columns.

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