Positive and negative test cases for a man moving from top of the building to bottom?

  • One of my friend got this below question in her interview.

    Test Scenario:

    A man moving from top of the building to bottom.
    I somewhat able to write two positive test cases.

    Positive Test case:

    1. Using Lift
    2. Using steps

    But I am not able to write any negative test cases. Can you please help me?

  • According to me cases somewhat would be like:

    1. Man is using stairs made of concrete to go down (positive)
    2. Man is using Stairs made of wood or rope (positive)
    3. Man is going down and steps are incomplete (negative)
    4. Man is going down via rope and stairs and half way its broken (negative)
    5. Man is using rope rope and wood stairs and Rope is not able to hold the weight of man. (Negative)
    6. Just a floor above ground no stairs are present (Negative)
    7. Man is falling from building (Negative)

    1. Man is moving down using staircase and it is broken (Negative) so he is unable to move any further.
    2. Man is stuck in Lift due to Power Failure (Negative)

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