Is there any IE11 extension to modify header same like Mozilla with modify header?

  • I would like to know more about IE 11 extension that can actually modify header manually. Basically I need to modify header and pass as "Referer" to spoof if we arrive on the webpage from that referer!

  • You could install Fiddler and modify request headers with the CustomRules.js file

    To modify the header with Fiddler:

    1- Open Fiddler Web Debugger and in the menu toolbar go to Rules->Customize Rules... (shortcut is Ctrl + R). It opens the CustomRules.js file. Fiddler may suggest you to download Fiddler ScriptEditor but you can edit it with any text editor (I use notepad++)

    2- Find OnBeforeRequest(oSession: Session) in the script file.

    3- You can add a new header by adding oSession.oRequest["NewHeaderName"] = "New header value"; to OnBeforeRequest function. Also, to remove a header, use oSession.oResponse.headers.Remove("HeaderName"); function.

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