Client keeps on changing the requirements every day, what testing method should be followed?

  • I always perform regression testing as soon as the changes come up. The case is the client comes up with changes or additional requirement every now and then and that makes the case more messy. I test something and then the whole things get changed. Again I have to test the changed module and perform integration testing with other modules that is linked with it.

    How to deal with such cases?

    1. 1st ask complete Clint requirement and note every small point in doc.
    2. Understand that total functionality.
    3. Use your default testing method.
    4. Your not mention which type your testing.( app or portal )
    5. As well as possible which is comfortable and feel easy you continue that testing.
    6. You want automation testing.please use this (App-appium or Web-selenium)

    I hope this is helpful for you.

  • I would suggest you the following things

    ->Initially gather all the requirements and check with the client if you have any queries through email.

    ->Document every thing in MOM whenever you have client call and share with everyone who has attended the call(dev team,client,business,QA)

    ->Prepare a Test Plan strategy document, test cases and share it to client and request him for his sign off.

    ->Once, you are all set start with smoke testing then check the major functionalities in that release and then could proceed further.

    ->You could automate the regression test cases as you are going to execute them for every release(I would suggest to use Selenium if its a desktop application then UFT).

    Kindly, let me know if you have any queries.

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