Test scenarios for preview feature functionality?

  • I would want few test scenarios for a preview feature that is where the view page can be only read-only and only the latest result should be displayed

  • Listing few of them below:

    • Verify whether all the fields filled are populated and are being displayed on preview screen.
    • If you are using any form of WYSIWYG editor, then make sure the applied font formats like bold, italic are visible on preview screen.
    • If there is any sort of media field in use like an image or a video, verify whether the media is also being displayed on preview screen.
    • Verify the indentation of text and other kind of elements on preview screen .
    • Verify whether the links are displayed as hyper-links on preview screen.
    • Verify other types of features that are being used. For e.g. Is a tabular format displayed correctly? Are the quotes displayed correctly. In short all,sorts of formatting options available.
    • Always, verify the new changes are displayed on preview screen. Hope this helps you in designing more such scenarios.
    • For any kind of input fields like text field,text area, check-boxes, radio buttons etc. Verify that they are read-only and user cannot modify them on preview screen.

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