How to write test case enumeration?

  • Recently, while looking for a job change on manual QA, I had interviewed on regular testing concepts questions. But, in a few companies,they gave some scenario and asked to write test case enumerations for it. Is it like test steps I need to write.? As per my knowledge, enumeration means complete, ordered list of all the items in a collection, so, is it writing all the test steps with description.?

  • Test Enumeration orders those scripts one by one- like 1,2,3... etc present in the test suite.It is just like defining the priority with which you want to run a specific script in a test suite.

  • For me enumeration means give for each test case identifier which is no 1, 2, 3 etc but which can tell you something, for example in very simple project you have three modules Users, Orders, Reports you can enumerate your use cases User.Accounts.1, User.Accounts.2..., User.Roles.1, User.Roles.2, Orders.Add.1, Orders.Edit.1, Orders.Edit.2, etc. I gave long identifiers but you can short it or even replace names by numbers. Other way (which is even much clear) you can gave names to use cases:

    User.Accounts.Add account
    User.Accounts.Edit account
    User.Accounts.Remove account
    User.Accounts.Remove account - negative (cannot remove)
    User.Roles.Add role
    This helps you (and others) to see if list of test cases you planned is full or you should add some new.

  • Listing all possible test case names which could be extracted out of the scenario provided and classifying them in terms of priority and positive/negative/types is test case enumeration. Kindly comment if you need anything, here is an example for better understanding. Enumerate test cases for Login:(Classifying priorities into P1>P2>P3) Positive cases include:

    P1-Verify the login dialog box
    P1-Verify the login id
    P1-Verify the password
    P1-Verify the submit button
    Negative cases include: 1. P3-Verify logging in with empty id and password fields

    Note: Haven't covered all the test cases.

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