What is the difference between Retesting and Regression Testing

  • My question as follows: There are two modules like Module A and Module B. In Module A, I got 100 testcases and Module B also got 100 testcases. During testing, Module A got 50 failed testcases and Module B got 40 failed testcases.

    Now my question is, What are the number of Retesting and Regression testcases to be executed in Module A and Module B on Modified Software Build..?

    As per my understanding, In module A, retesting testcases=50 and regression testcases = 50, In module B, retesting testcases = 40 and regression testcases = 60.

  • Retesting is testing this tast cases which failed and bugs were solved.

    Regression tests are test which check if added or changed functionality not caused faults in existing code.

    In your case retesting will be 50 in Module A and 40 in Module B.

    It is hard to say how many regression tests do you need but in such a situation (many test cases failed) probably you need to test all test cases. In general you do not test everything in regression.

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