How to integrate manual tests into a Azure Devops pipeline as a required step?

  • I would like to have manual test as a required step in a release pipeline, much like automated tests in build.
    Tried to find if this was possible in Azure Devops

    I would expect manual testing as a required part of a release.

  • For this issue , I am afraid it is currently not supported in azure devops. Compared with manual testing, integrating automatic testing in the pipeline is more in line with the CI/CD concept. Adding a manual test is more of a requirement. In addition, the default timeout for the pipeline is 60min. If the wait time for the manual test times out, it may cause a failure.

    So we can't directly incorporate manual tests in pipelines. The workaround provided by Nima is an indirect way.

    If you really need this feature,you could submit a feature request to Develop Community site.

  • You can add a new stage with approval right after the draft deploy (dev environment). In the first step, deploy your app in a server. The the specific user can do a manual test, then approve the deployed artifact as a release condidate. Finally, your production step will run after the user confirmation.


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