How to test in-app update in Android?

  • I have implemented In-app update in my app and followed the below mentioned steps to test it,

    • Uninstall the original app from device.
    • Install the app from the Google Play Store
    • Uninstall the app again.
    • Generate signed apk with the new feature, with a lower versionCode than Google Play version Install this apk.

    Above mentioned steps will not work in some devices.
    So I want to know if there is any alternative way for this testing.

    • In-app updates are available only to user accounts that own the app. So, make sure the account you’re using has downloaded your app from Google Play at least once before using the account to test in-app updates.

    • Make sure that the app that you are testing in-app updates with has the same application ID and is signed with the same signing key as the one available from Google Play.

    • Because Google Play can only update an app to a higher version code, make sure the app you are testing as a lower version code than the update version code.

    • Make sure the account is eligible and the Google Play cache is up to date. To do so, while logged into the Google Play Store account on the test device, proceed as follows:

    1. Make sure you completely close the Google Play Store App.
    2. Open the Google Play Store app and go to the My Apps & Games tab.
    3. If the app you are testing doesn’t appear with an available update, check that you’ve properly set up your testing tracks.

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