What is the difference between test strategy and test plan?

  • As per lot of articles/google it is very hard to understand or explain the exact difference between test plan & strategy. Recently have gone through one of the interview and seems my answer didn't convince to the interviewer. So if anyone can help me in answering this to understand the thin line between Test plan & strategy please. Thanks.

  • # Test Plan Test Strategy
    1 A test plan is derived from Software Requirement Specification (SRS), describing in detail the scope of testing and the different activities performed in testing. A test strategy is a high-level document describing the way testing is canted out.
    2 A test plan is project level. A test stategy organization level
    3 It describes the whole testing activities in detail - the techniques used, schedule, resources etc. It describes the high-level test design techniques to be used, environment specifications etc.
    4 It is prepared by test lead or test manager. It is generally prepared by the project manager.
    5 Components:The major components of Test Plan include - Test Plan ID, test environment, features to be tested, entry/exit criteria, status, type of testing, brief introduction etc The major components of Test Strategy include - Scope, Objective, business issues, risks, testing approach, testing deliverables, defect tracking, training, automation etc.
    6 A Test Plan usually exists individually. Test strategy is divided into multiple test plans that are taken care further independently.

  • Go by the word. Test Plan means we are planning for particular scope. We have to test on given environment withing given time frame defined in Test Plan. While the strategies will be common at organization level which is high level description about testing, what kind of testing and where etc.

  • Difference between Test Strategy and Test Plan is as follow:

    Test Strategy is written at a high-level mostly by QA Manager which defines the approach of testing. Test Strategy is derived from the Business Requirement Document, it basically sets the standards for testing. Test Strategy contains the following:


    • Business Challenges
    • Testing approaches
    • Test deliverables
    • Bug tracking approaches
    • Automation
    • Risks

    Test Plan is written by Senior/Lead QA which includes details related to testing i.e. how to test, features to be tested, types of testing. Test Plan is derived from SRS. Test Plan contains the following:


    • Test Environments
    • Features In/Out Scope
    • Entry/Exit Criteria
    • Types of testing
    • Status

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