Equivalence Partition for electricity counter

  • I have task to build equivalence classes, and boundary values based on given information

    To calculate the electricity cost user should enter an old and a new values of electricity counter and press “Calc” button. It works only if values are entered correctly:

    contain only digits;
    no longer than 6 digits;
    new value is not less than an old one;


    I did this task, but i don't know if i did it right It would be great to get feedback

  • What ever you did it looks like right But I have not seen Boundary Value testing points in it

    What is Equivalent Class Partitioning? Equivalent Class Partitioning is a black box technique (code is not visible to tester) which can be applied to all levels of testing like unit, integration, system, etc. In this technique, you divide the set of test condition into a partition that can be considered the same.

    What is Boundary Testing? Boundary testing is the process of testing between extreme ends or boundaries between partitions of the input values.

    Why Equivalence & Boundary Analysis Testing This testing is used to reduce a very large number of test cases to manageable chunks. Very clear guidelines on determining test cases without compromising on the effectiveness of testing. Appropriate for calculation-intensive applications with a large number of variables/inputs


    • Boundary Analysis testing is used when practically it is impossible to test a large pool of test cases individually
    • Two techniques - Equivalence Partitioning & Boundary Value Analysis testing techniques are used
    • In Equivalence Partitioning, first, you divide a set of test condition into a partition that can be considered
    • In Boundary Value Analysis you then test boundaries between equivalence partitions
    • Appropriate for calculation-intensive applications with variables that represent physical quantities

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