What could be the reasons for taking more time while doing automation testing than manual testing?

  • What could be the reasons for taking more time while doing automation testing than manual testing for testing specific feature for example?

  • In order to answer the question, we first need to understand that both manual and automated testing have their own share of pros and cons. While manual testing is suitable for exploratory testing and testing of applications that are frequently changing, automated testing provides better ROI when the regression test cases of a stable application are automated.

    Now, coming back to your question, we can opt for automation of a particular page or spend more time on automation than on manual, when we know that once automated, the repetitive tasks on the page can be performed very quickly and run any number of times by just a button click thus helping the tester in focusing more on the exploratory tasks.

  • Automation is one time activity in terms of creating script where manual we have to perform often. While automating activity, we have to be very careful about the locators, functions, utilities, compatibility which consume times.

    Prior logic should be clear before implementing what we gonna automate. In manual, we have to just pass valid /Invalid data and check the output. It does also based on the performance of the web site as well.

    Clear understanding about the automation can only help to do automation speedy. Hence manual is more preferable in terms of saving time if you are new to automation. Identifying scenarios to be automate will take some time as well.

  • According my knowledge both manual and automation testing have advantages and disadvantages. It’s worth knowing the difference, and when to use one or the other for best results.

    Some of these (black box testing, white box testing, integration testing, system testing, exploratory testing, usability and adhoc testing ) methods are better suited to manual testing,
    Some are best performed through automation for example (Regression Testing,Load Testing,Repeated Execution)
    Even though it is time taking while identifying elements for particular element or a page, it is one time task that we need to do if we set it up for a first time than it won't take much time for execution

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