APP STORE SPECIFIC CHECKS # Description 4.1 Application cannot use "non-public APIs". This means that you are not you can use some functions, which the platform uses for its own applications. This can usually be done check automatically, for example, when help 4.2 Application cannot reprogram control keys of the device, not intended for such use (for example, use volume button for taking photos). 4.3 The application should not have access to files outside the application without user permissions (e.g. copy the address book or receive information from other applications). 4.4 The application should not have access to folders and files outside the container directories and documents. 4.5 Application cannot load code for installations without user consent. 4.6 The app can only be updated through application store. 4.7 After downloading, the application should be workers. It shouldn't shut down after several days. 4.8 The application may not be "experimental", "beta", "demo" or "test" version. 4.9 Apple product names must be listed without typos (iPhonez - incorrect). 4.10 If the application is using the network, it will not uses it through third parties (non-Apple) browsers. 4.11 The appendix must not mention third party platforms (for example, "Also available for Android! "). 4.12 Application cannot use outdated interfaces (e.g. wheel iPod). 4.13 Application multitasking functionality can only be accessed by its original purposes (i.e. for VoIP, audio playback, positioning, completion tasks, local notifications, etc.). it means that in general the application does not can run in the background and should be closed if not in use. 4.14 The application should contain at least some functionality. It cannot consist of one page and text, cannot be just a song, movie or book - for this there are other platforms. 4.15 Functionality must comply description in the app store. 4.16 In general, the application should be "worthy". Explicit material - sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, tobacco - not must be displayed in it, and it is not should speak about individual ethnic or religious groups derogatory. 4.17 The application must be honest. His the description must be true, and the whole the functionality should work like described. If the application gives diagnostic information, it should be reliable. This also applies to the genre and categories in the store. Application icons must match and suit him. 4.18 Application cannot restrict users in the choice of geolocation or mobile operator. 4.19 The application cannot send spam, spread viruses, or use other Apple platforms (e.g. Game Center / Push Notifications) for these purposes. 4.20 An application should strive to store the minimum amount of data in iCloud. All, stored in iCloud must be created user. Information you can download or restore, should not get into iCloud. 4.21 Application cannot use geolocation services without permission. 4.22 All references in the application code must work. 4.23 Application cannot use user location without permissions. 4.24 Geolocation services cannot used for autonomous control vehicles or ambulance calls help. 4.25 Application cannot use notifications without the user's consent. 4.26 Notices must be sent through Apple Push Notification API using APN ID. 4.27 Notifications should not contain personal data. 4.28 The application cannot distribute personal user information (e.g. ID player) via Game Center. 4.29 Banner ads should be hidden if advertising is not available. 4.30 The application must respect copyright Apple and others. 4.31 In-App Purchase Engine Cannot be used to purchase goods and services used outside the application. 4.32 The in-app shopping engine cannot be used to raise funds for charity (there is an SMS for this). 4.33 The in-app shopping engine cannot used to buy lottery tickets directly from the application. 4.34 Apps that reward the user use the device so that it can be damaged will not be approved. 4.35 The application cannot request personal user data (e.g. email) to function.