CST Certification Program

The Certified Tester Professional certification program can provide focused career training,  skill development essential to handling the most complex software projects, and skill development for working professionals. In addition, the program focuses on workplace processes and procedures that are related to structured and unstructured development settings.

  • The Certified Software Tester Program (CST) is appropriate for individuals who want to enter the testing field or seasoned Quality Assurance/Tester professionals seeking certification. The program focuses on the concepts of essential testing principles that are required to perform industry standard quality assurance practices.

Certification Requirements 

The student must pass the Certified Tester Professional certification exam, which provide a valid and reliable measure of the common body of knowledge, needed to solve the most complex quality assurance and testing problems.

After passing the Foundation exam, candidate is awarded the Certified Software Tester (CST) designation.

Exam Parameters

  1. The exam time is 95 minutes.
  2. Types of exam questions: multiple choice, multiple-correct multiple choice, true/false, and free form.
  3. The exam passing (cut) score is 80% and the score is rounded up (i.e., 69.5 to 70).
  4. Candidates cannot skip and return to items during the test.

Exam Weighting  

  1. Test Concepts (++++)
  2. Test Cases (++)
  3. Test Plan (++)
  4. Test Builds (+++)
  5. Reports (+)
  6. Testing Planning (++)
  7. Validation (++++)
  8. Requirements (+++)
  9. Test Forms (+)
  10. Control Procedures (++++)
  11. Testing Deliverable  (+++)
  12. Test Execution (+++)
  13. Test Automation Concepts (++)
  14. Problem Resolution (+)

Weighting Key in the Test

  • + = 1 - 5%
  • ++ = 6 - 15%
  • +++ = 16% - 30%
  • ++++ = over 31%

The first step in preparing for the Certified Software Tester certification examination  

  1. Purchase self-study materials  
  2. Allow at least to 2-3 Weeks to study certification self-Study training materials 
  3. Examination voucher is valid for six months
  4. Take the CST Certification Online Practice Exam
  5. Register with CST for Certification 

Allow 4-6 weeks to process and mail official signed certificate, after successful completion of examination.