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Software Testing Support, Inc.

Company Profile

Software Testing Support, Inc. is one of the leading and most influential certification firms in the Atlanta, Georgia area for Wireless, Telecommunications, ERP, E-Commerce, Internet, Windows, and Unix applications.

Since 1994, Software Testing Support, Inc. (SofTest�) has provided outstanding  in-house & public software quality assurance training. If you are exploring new career opportunities or you just want to stay current, Certified Software Tester and Certified Software Test Analyst certification courses are designed to supplement and/or complement degree education. Our courses are taught by practicing industry professionals and academics in the field.

SofTest Certified Tester Professional Program (CTPP)

Software Testing Support, Inc. (SofTest�) is the sponsor of  the Certified Tester Professional Program (CTPP�). The SofTest� certification program was created in response to an ever-increasing demand for knowledgeable Test Specialists in the software development industry. 

SofTest� educational programs rest on the premise that teaching industry best practices is the key to preparing testing professionals for success. SofTest� offers two education programs.  The Certified Tester Professional Program (CTPP) is designed for individual who want a comprehensive understanding of standards and principles of software testing and exploring the techniques of software inspection, testing, verification and validation. Concentration is placed on preparing test plans, test cases, and problem reporting, as well as maintaining processes and methods. Each program offers a professional certification. 




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