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Mercury Interactive is the leading provider of enterprise  testing and performance management solutions. Our automated software and managed services help companies deliver and maintain high-performance applications. Customers worldwide use Mercury Interactive solutions across their application and technology infrastructures to minimize hardware and operational expenses, protect revenue streams and enhance their competitive positions.

SQAtester.com is on line service for professional Software Quality Assurance testers and users.  With a high demand for software testers on the market, we found valuable to have web site dedicated to assist many people who are in this field, so SQAtester.com was born.  Here we have extensive resources you can use as a reference. Either you are professional software quality assurance tester or just a beginner you will find our information beneficiary and useful.

Elementool is the leading Web based bug and defect tracking tool with customers from all over the world that use this website on a daily basis as part of their project development and testing process. Among our customers are Fortune 500 companies, big five consulting firms, international banks, airline companies, business websites, IT consulting companies, software start-ups and more.

TechNet Training Centers is a leader in delivering technical certification training. We were the first institution in Florida to incorporate the four step ´┐Żblended´┐Ż approach into our training.

Sylvan purchased Prometric in 1997 from Drake to further expand its presence in the academic and professional test development and test delivery business. During this era, Prometric began building its global testing network to support a growing demand from organizations such as Education Testing Service (ETS), which delivers the GRE, the GMAT and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). 

Today, Prometric is the exclusive testing partner for large and prestigious organizations such as ETS, the National Security Dealer's Associations, the Japanese Securities Dealers, the National Board of Medical Examiners, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.



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